Holy Flapping Firetrucks I deleted ALL MY POSTS! 5:20 PM

Hmmmm...well things have gotten a bit busy lately with Livestream changing their policy resulting in having to delete the entire channel full of yuri anime and jdramas!! AAAHHHH! Don't worry creating a new channel is quick and easy. Hopefully we can plan to get something up so we can have a MOVIE NIGHT!

Then there is Skyping, life, JH&M, crazy people, JH&M, crazy people, Yasashii Sekai, crazy people, JH&M, MSN, hmmmm I feel like I'm leaving something out...


My new bunch of lovely and talented imoutos and one sweet otouto! I heart them all SO MUCH, even though they make me feel old. -_-

Cheers to making new friends!


Anonymous said...

LOL Your post CRACKED me UP!!! Flapping firetrucks?!! hahaha Oh and you're not old at all!! If you are then so am I!!!! 0_0

I hope it won't be hard to recreate your blog!!! I was just about to do some exploring!!!!! >_< Oh and watch Ga Rei Zero. :P

Onyx Crescent said...

Hahahahah!!! Yes yes, my firetrucks have been migrating. ^_^ Lol.

Am I included in the "crazy people" section lol? XDDD

Haha! <3 you!

- Azunyan~

Sapphire said...

Hahaha! Awww *hugs* to my imoutos! It's been so long that I've checked this blog I don't even remember seeing these posts! Seriously! August 31st?! O_O That's almost half a year ago!!! Hahaha!

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