This Yuri Blog Has Moved!!! 6:52 AM

My blog has moved! I'm managing a couple blogs on wordpress and decided to consolidate under one umbrella!

Back from hiatus! 6:29 PM

Who knows if I'll be able to keep this blog active! But I've been getting a really strong urge to write about random crap. For breakfast I made Rosemary Oatmeal with plump raisins, honey, and cinnamon. I totally forgot to add the sliced almonds! :( The oatmeal is organic triple thick oatmeal and tastes so much better than the traditional Quaker oats.

My mom just walked in with a Fillet o Fish from McD's and a California Roll. -_-" *resists* I will take the strawberry milk tea!

While I was eating my oatmeal, my brother began frying some eggs and made me one. Can you tell he doesn't cook very much?! Hahahhaa! His egg is CUHRAZY! It tastes better than it looks. At least I watched him make it so I know he didn't try to add weird things to it! He was being so nice today. He even washed all the dishes! O_O I feel like he's going to ask me for some kind of favor later on. *suspicious* Hahaha!

In conclusion, the rosemary in the oatmeal was very subtle. I would try to add more chopped in really tiny pieces next time or use fresh rosemary. It's one of those tastes that you might need to acquire. I don't have any fresh fruit otherwise that would be in it as well! I'll try to substitute the raisins with fresh fruit like blueberries!

Oh and a shout out to Panda for inspiring me to write posts! ^_^ Arigatou!

Eureka Seven - Good Night, Sleep Tight, Young Lovers out in theaters on Sept 24th!! YEAH!!! 5:51 PM

Wow I am SO EXCITED about this! I enjoyed the entire Eureka 7 series including Pocket Full of Sunshine. The soundtrack is pretty great too! Check out the trailer and synopsis HERE. From my understanding it's a different arc of Eureka and Renton story like Pocket Full of Rainbows. Don't expect it to be a continuation of any sort to the original anime series or you'll just confuse yourself. I can't WAIT!

Holy Flapping Firetrucks I deleted ALL MY POSTS! 5:20 PM

Hmmmm...well things have gotten a bit busy lately with Livestream changing their policy resulting in having to delete the entire channel full of yuri anime and jdramas!! AAAHHHH! Don't worry creating a new channel is quick and easy. Hopefully we can plan to get something up so we can have a MOVIE NIGHT!

Then there is Skyping, life, JH&M, crazy people, JH&M, crazy people, Yasashii Sekai, crazy people, JH&M, MSN, hmmmm I feel like I'm leaving something out...


My new bunch of lovely and talented imoutos and one sweet otouto! I heart them all SO MUCH, even though they make me feel old. -_-

Cheers to making new friends!